Teams that help to make our business better

At Newmarket Business Association, we partner up with a range of different businesses that help to improve our services that will create better results for our clients. Find out about our services, click here.

Please Note: not all of the businesses listed below are ones that we have worked with, but we hope to in the near future.

The Skills Connection

The team over at Skills Connection were former senior Gartner analysts who offer their knowledge to help other technology companies improve their relationships.

They help businesses to prepare for assessments (such as the Magic Quadrant), deliver briefings and to help preserve communications with others in the same market as well as improving analyst engagement. Click here.

They advise businesses on differentiating your business from competitors, what information needs to be shared and what analysts expect from you.


When our business first began, we contacted SEHL for guidance and advice on our newly opened business. They helped us to maximise our productivity so we could reach success, and thankfully we have.

We are one of the leading advice sources for businesses in Surrey. Need help with your start-up business? Contact them today.


Evolve help us with all of our IT services and support. They also provide us with all of our software and care packages so our customers can use our websites and services without any hassle.

Evolve are a reliable and trustworthy company who has a fast call out time to all locals if you face any technical problems. They serve areas such as Battersea, Balham, Kingston, Merton, Richmond and more. Find out more.

Surrey County Council

Surrey Council has put together information when it comes to starting a new business. Not only have they helped our business to succeed, but they help many of our clients too. Click here to learn more.

They offer advice on a range of things, including:

  • Self employment
  • Preventing discrimination
  • VAT
  • Enterprise allowance