What are the types of data cables?

Crash Course in Data Cable Types

Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables are made of copper and are used to create a wired network connecting devices together by sending an electrical signal.

Once the devices are connected together, the shared network allows for the sharing of files and internet access across all computers in a home or business.

There are several different types of Ethernet cable but the newest one is usually just an upgrade on the previous one in terms of how much data it can process and how fast it can do it.

Fibre-optic cables

Fibre-optic cables perform the same function as Ethernet cables but it is made from glass and it transmits data by using flashes of lights rather than electricity.

Coaxial cables

This cable is also used to provide internet connections as well as being used for telephones and satellite TV. Coaxial cable is a type of copper cable specially built with a metal shield and other components engineered to block signal interference. It is primarily used by cable TV companies to connect their satellite antenna facilities to customer homes and businesses.

Twisted pair cables

This is a cable which consists of two wires wrapped around each other. They are used in older telephone networks to connect phones all over a building.

USB cables

These cables are used to connect one device to another to view, share or transfer data. USB on Amazon.

These are usually small cables not found in the cabling of an entire building, instead, they will likely come with the piece of hardware for you to connect it to a computer.

When a device isn’t on the network, a USB cable can be inserted into a computer, connecting it with a printer (to print something off) or a camera/phone (to upload photos, videos) among other things.

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